Psychic Art

Merging of minds - Expressing what the minds-eye sees


This is a term usually used to refer to a form of mediumship wherein the Psychic Artist (working mediumistically), produces an artistic likeness of a person since deceased for the benefit of loved ones or interested parties still in the physical world.

Mediumistic portraiture would be a more accurate term for this, but apart from being an unwieldy one, most people would not understand the distinction that the term implies between psychism and mediumship.  In this form of mediumship, the aim is for the psychic artist to draw, sketch or paint the likeness of a departed loved one with enough accuracy for them to be recognized by those that knew them here.

If the picture is also accompanied by corresponding information either from the same medium or a second medium working on the same connection, psychic art has the potential to provide compelling evidence of a person’s continuation after death.  

This evidence can sometimes be further supported by the existence of photographs that share the likeness.

 As with all forms of mediumship, there exist a variety of ways of practicing this skill as well as a wide range of proficiency amongst artists. Psychic artists who are able to produce genuine, consistent, accurate images are amongst the rarest of mediums. 

 At the Centre at the present time, Jonathan is our resident psychic artist who works from the public platform together with his colleague Gladys Brooks who provides the corresponding information.

A typical demonstration of Psychic Art at Swansea Spirit will involve a short explanation of what is to take place and then Gladys will present the public with the information that she is receiving from her spirit communicators whilst Jonathan sketches the picture in pastels on an A2 size of paper which the audience can view as it develops.  It is an intriguing aspect of his way of working that Jonathan does not “see” the faces of the people whose portraits he draws. The information and the pictures mush correspond with each other and the people in the audience who receive messages will be able to take the signed portrait home with them. There is usually also a handwritten text by another member of the Centre team which is provided to remind the recipient of what was said. Typically an evening will produce of five or six portraits and it is a popular event for both those that receive portraits as well as those who witness them.

Currently, there is development underway with the aim of Jonathan providing private sittings in psychic art and when a standard for this has been reached, it will be announced here on the site. 


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