Next Meeting: Every other week - contact us for details.

Subject: Awareness of the greater self meetings

Details: Available now on alternative Sunday'sClick here to view the course page.

Next Meeting: To be advised

Subject:  Crystal Colour Workshop

Details: Contact us for further details

 Beautiful Crystal Stock: 

Subject: We have a wonderful selection of Crystal Stock! Why not call-in and view these beautiful crystals and discover which resonates with you! 

Your permission required: 

Subject: The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights stipulates that EU citizens have the right to protection of their personal data.

Details: Due to changes in the law regarding personal data, we need your permission to continue contacting you. We are currently advising those on our contact list to reaffirm their desire to receive emails regarding forthcoming events and other information of potential interest. Please respond as soon as possible, as we are required to remove unconfirmed contacts. If you've already agreed to this via other means, you do not need to contact us again.

How to agree: Simply email us and state ..."I authorise SwanseaSpirit to continue contacting me regarding matters relating to events and other offerings provided by the centre". You can remove your authorisation at any time by emailing us via the Contact Us form or writing to us at SwanseaSpirit, 1-2 Pleasant Street, Swansea, SA1 5DS.

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