Rally of Mediums

Helping hands - The more the merrier


This takes place either informally with the audience and medium/s seated in a circle or more formally with the audience in rows facing the platform from which the medium/s deliver their mediumship. The medium can be members of the Centre team or invited guest mediums. Typically the evening will begin with a short talk by way of explanation of what is to follow (particularly useful for new people). The medium will then relay messages from spirit communicators to members of the audience. Usually the communications last for approximately an hour and are conducted in the spirit of an experiment, there being no prior knowledge of who will come to speak or who will receive a message.




A gathering of people sitting in rows for a spiritual service

Sunday Service

Prayers, hymns and thanks - A moment to reflect


At a church service you can look forward to prayer, hymns, a healing silence (where you are encouraged to send healing thoughts to family and friends), an inspirational address and a demonstration of mediumship.



Yoga Classes

Honouring life's vehicle - my health is our future!


Yoga is best known as a type of exercise system that stretches and strengthens the body through various poses known as asanas. But yoga goes far beyond just a mere exercise routine. One of the most compelling reasons to begin practising is the holistic outlook it takes — working mind, body, and spirit.


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