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A Message from Jonathan

Written by Webmaster on . Posted in Weekly Events

For those of you who have always wanted to be able to meditate.

Perhaps you have heard of the wonderful benefits of having a calm and focused mind, a mind that is able to exist above the turmoil of everyday stresses that we all experience.

You may have tried to achieve this state in the past but all with little or no success,  you find that your mind seems to run riot whenever you attempt to enter the quiet.

You're not alone in this. Neither does it mean that you can never learn to do it successfully.

This unique class is here to show you how to really meditate once and for all.

As someone with many years of teaching experience, I am able to explain clearly all that you need to know,  as well as help you clear away some of the common widespread ideas that may actually have been working against you and holding you back. I'll provide you with a choice of different "entrances" into the meditative state and also provide you with a class environment to strengthen your own ability so that you get a taste of what you're aiming for even  BEFORE you actually develop that level on your own.

Of course, I can't do it all for you, but if you will commit to a little daily practice on your own, I can certainly show you the way to become an ever-improving meditator in the real sense of the word.  You'll develop a priceless ability,  that you did not have previously and it will enhance every aspect of your life from work to play, self-development to relationships and more.  You'll have secured that inner peace of mind and spirit that may have until now eluded you. 

If this appeals and you'd like to join my class, I would be more than happy to welcome you. 

Yours truly,                                                

Jonathan John 

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