Healing & Meditation (Weekly)

Date: Every Thursday  35 

Time: 5.30pm Starting promptly at 6.00pm. (All Welcome) 

Cost: £4.00 suggested donation

Healing is given out to the Universe and received. Energy healing is a also available during this hour, with a brief meditation session.

Please see Announcements Special Notice.

Meditation Classes (Fortnightly)

Date: Wednesday7 

Time: 7.30pm 

Cost: £7.00

Meditation is a practice that encourages the development of concentration, emotional balance and calmness, allowing one to understand the patterns and habits of the mind, providing greater insight into oneself. With patience, practice, focus and control, individuals can attain a profoundly peaceful and energised state of mind. Such experiences can have a transformative effect on oneself, leading to a new understanding of life, love, relationships and an enhanced sense of the needs of one's body.

Greater Self Awareness Lectures

Date: Alternative Sunday afternoons. Please phone for details. GSA1

Time: TBA  (All Over 16's Welcome) 

Cost: £5.00

The GSA Group (“Greater- Self” awareness) 

A Development for changing times. 

Building on the long established Thursday Evening Lectures, we are promoting this class to a wider audience. This is NOT an evening for the development of clairvoyant mediumship.

It is open to everyone but will appeal more to those who are interested in developing a non – religious spiritual life: (A very different thing) ...read more