Sunday Service

1Date: See What's On?

Time: TBA

Cost: Donations

At a church service you can look forward to prayer, hymns, a healing silence (where you are encouraged to send healing thoughts to family and friends), an inspirational address and a demonstration of mediumship. After the service you are welcome to stay for a cup of tea or coffee and chat to like minded people.

Demonstration of Auragraph Reading

AurographDate: See What's On?

Cost: £TBA

An auragraph is a pictoral representation of your life, past present and potential future. It is hand drawn by the medium and the symbology contained within it is then 'read' by the medium. The information can be similar to a spiritual consultation in that it is about you and can give you guidance on your potential.

Table Tilt Demonstration

Table TiltDate: See What's On?

Cost: £TBA

This is a very lively evening full of active audience participation with the aim of encouraging a table to move with the help of the spirit world. It works best with a large number of people present and especially those who are upbeat and willing to take part. It requires the hall to have been specially prepared beforehand by replacing all the regular electric lights with red ones. It also works better at lower temperatures which is why we tend to hold them during the colder months of the year.

Members of the public are seated in a very wide circle in the middle of which is the table and usually six chairs. After a brief explanation of what is to occur, a number of mediums will take their seats around the table and place their hands lightly on it’s surface. The public are encouraged to have a sing-along, laugh, clap and generally create something of a party atmosphere.

This atmosphere is required to build up the energy beneath the table which will enable the spirit people eventually to move it. After a while, the mediums will feel that the table is ready to move and the chairs will be removed. At this point the table had freedom to move more freely and will then typically dance around the room still with the mediums hands place lightly on the the surface. Sometimes the table will spins too fast for all the people to keep with it and they can get thrown off.

The event in spite of this is very well controlled with the mediums in close contact with the spirit world as the evening progresses. As time goes on, it’s usual for the table to rise onto two legs and sometimes one at different speeds sometimes fast sometimes very slowly. We always like to invite all member if the public who wish to, to place their hands on the table to experience this very lively energy and it is our intention when conditions have a time during the evening when there are only members of the public on the table. A very dramatic and popular evening but bring your running shoes!

Crystal Mandala

32Date: See What's On? 

Date: TBA 

This is constructed over a number of days on the floor of the Centre usually twice a year around the time of either of the solstices or the equinoxes. It consists of thousands of polished crystals arranged in symbollic shapes to represent themes upon which the audience can later reflect during a guided meditation. The design includes lighted candles and the whole effect is one of tremendous energy which is harnessed during the meditation for the purposes of personal and world healing.

The same crystals are carefully stored and used in future mandalas thus increasing their charge. Members of the audience are invited to bring their own personal crystals to be placed within the design on the evening in order that when the crystals are returned to them, they too will be charged with a measure of this most powerful healing energy.

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