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A term used to describe a number of different practices that involve quiet inward mental focus. It can be a guided by someone offering verbal instructions or a descriptive journey which the participant s will follow in order to arrive a state of inner calm and peace. It can also be cultivated as a state in its own rite with the aim of influencing the daily life outside the practice. Meditation forms one of the important cornerstones of personal development at the Centre as it is key to being able to enjoy freedom from the distraction of our own typically distractive minds.

The GSA Group

GSFDate: See What's On?

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The GSA Group (“Greater- Self” awareness)

A Development for changing times.

Building on the long established Thursday Evening Lectures, we are promoting this class to a wider audience. This is NOT an evening for the development of clairvoyant mediumship. It is open to everyone but will appeal more to those who are interested in developing a non – religious spiritual life: (A very different thing).

Those who have felt the benefit of the GSA lectures of the past have long urged that they be more widely publicized. By re-creating the group with it’s expanded content and clearly defined purpose we hope to build an atmosphere of mutual support and understanding based on commonly held ideals. The teachings are intended for use in daily life in all it’s aspects: physical, emotional, relationship, career etc but always from the perspective of a practical spirituality.

The perspective of the Greater Spiritual Self if often very different to that of our “moral society” and this can if fully understood, raise uncomfortable questions from time to time. Questions comprise another very important part of these evenings and you are urged to bring to the group those that are meaningful to you. The suggestions made will at very least provide food for thought. They may even result in major illumination on matters that have confused or frustrated for a long time.

The teachings themselves are drawn from a range of sources but predominantly from the spirit inspired material accessed live by the group facilitator .These teachings are not however intended to be in any way definitive. We strongly encourage all who attend to come to their own understanding and interpretation of whatever they hear and question and challenge this material whenever appropriate, however we also ask that they do so in an open minded manner that is respectful and considerate of the comfort of others in the group.

The meetings will continue to take place on Thursday evenings. Start times will vary between 7.30pm and 9.00pm, so in order to keep everyone informed we request either a phone number or email address so that we can inform you of any unavoidable time changes.


Two periods of Stillness/Spaciousness Meditation

A commitment to a daily practice of Stillness is a fundamental principle of these meetings. These periods need not be long but It is recognised that the benefits to be gained from this way of being cannot cannot be easily sustained without it. We are after all, aiming to live securely grounded spiritual lives in a physical world in which few people understand and even fewer support a spiritual way of way of life. The two periods of meditation in each evening act as a booster to our practice throughout the week. There is great advantage to be gained from regularly meditating with people who have developed a long- time practice in the art and are willing to share their meditation space with you. Those who have experienced difficulty meditating alone, find that in the presence of this experienced energy, they are themselves able to attain new and deeper levels of stillness.

A Spiritually Inspired Topic for Consideration.

The subject matter will be decided by the issues brought by the members present on any given night. However, the nature of spirit inspired lectures is, that the spirit people present are able to speak to matters relevant to the audience with the audience members voicing them. In this way, those who wish to take a more background role may still derive benefit from attending.

With the topics wholly dependent on who attends, you will appreciate that we are unable to announce the subjects in advance of the evenings. You are however more than welcome to come prepared with questions for consideration.

For further details, contact Jonathan here at Swansea Spirit. We look forward to sharing with you.