Flower Service

6Date: See What's On?

Cost: £TBA

An evening at which the public are invited to bring a flower or other cutting from a live plant. The flower reader will then either -

1. Give a psychic reading of the auric energies left by the person and relay information held in the energy field of the flower back to them or ...

2. Use the flower to form a link to the spirit world at which point the reading becomes a mediumistic one with evidence of a spirit personality communicating with the recipient.

Often both psychic and mediumistic readings will be are delivered in the same evening.

Evening of Clairvoyance/Mediumship

2Date: See What's On?

Cost: £TBA

This takes place either informally with the audience and medium/s seated in a circle or more formally with the audience in rows facing the platform from which the medium/s deliver their mediumship. The medium can be members of the Centre team or invited guest mediums from other areas of the United Kingdom. Typically the evening will begin with a short talk by way of explanation of what is to follow (particularly useful for new people) .

The medium will then relay messages from spirit communicators to members of the audience. Usually the communications last for approximately an hour and are conducted in the spirit of an experiment, there being no prior knowledge of who will come to speak or who will receive a message.

Yoga Classes

Date: See What's On? 

Cost: £TBA

Yoga is best known as a type of exercise system that stretches and strengthens the body through various poses known as asanas. But yoga goes far beyond just a mere exercise routine. One of the most compelling reasons to begin practicing is the holistic outlook it takes — working mind, body, and spirit. There are many different schools of yoga, all of which have their own unique practices and philosophies...

Evening of Psychometry

PsychometryDate: See What's On?

Cost: £TBA

An evening during which small personal objects eg rings, watches, chains etc. are collected from the audience on a tray. These are then psychically “read” by the psychic/mediums present and piecess of information about the owner relayed to them. It is important that only objects that belong to the person present be offered because information gleaned from objects of people not present may not be able to be verified. This psychic reading can also be used as a springboard into a communication from the spirit world at which point it becomes mediumship.