Foundation Course in Psychic Awareness

Psychic AwarenessDate: See What's On?

Cost: £TBA

Topics covered on the course include; the difference between a psychic and a medium, psychic energy, the aura, chakras, dowsing, pendulums, flower reading, psychometry, and telepathy.

This is a TEN WEEK course covering many aspects of psychism. It is very much a hands on, fun, practical course where you will be amazed at skills you never knew you possessed. Everyone of us is psychic but the knowledge has been forgotten as we grew from childhood to adulthood. On this course we reawaken this knowledge through enjoyment and laughter. Some of the topics we cover during the twelve weeks are; difference between the psychic and the medium, the aura, chakras, dowsing, pendulums, flower reading, psychometry, telepathy etc. This course is designed to be an introduction to Psychic work and as with all things we teach at the Centre, a level of personal responsibility is expected of all who attend. Everyone who wishes to attend any of our other courses and workshops are advised to complete this foundation course first. One can only gain access to several of our courses on successful completion of the foundation course.