Astral Projection

Astral ProjectionDate: See What's On?

Duration: Ten sessions, one each fortnight 

Cost: £TBA

SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Numbers for this course are stricly limited and due to the nature of the course, the Centre reserve the right to refuse entry. For details of how to apply for the course please see a memeber of the committee or leave a message stating your interest in the course.

In my introduction to this fascinating subject, we will learn that it is possible to walk through walls, fly around your neighbourhood, travel through time and experience the wonders of other dimensions and much more besides.

More than twenty years ago, this subject held a fascination for me and after much study, trial and error, I conducted a number of experiments to see if I could leave my body.Some of my attempts were futile and resulted in frustration and me going nowhere, others were spectacularly successful. I kept accounts of the events. More recently I have been drawn back to the subject and after having revised my notes and updated my information I feel ready to share some of what I have learned.

With the correct information and application however there is every reason for you to be completely successful for most of the time. There  are definite reasons why some people are successful and others not. It is my belief that Astral Projection is a major ability for the overall evolution of humankind and it is worth noting that it has it's own built in safeguards which prevent it from becoming intrusive into our everyday lives. There is definite purpose behind why people don't become projectors before they are ready and techniques to ensure that when they are ready, it can be practiced safely and for the benefit of all.

Today there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who are enjoying safe and profoundly enlightening astral travel experiences quietly behind the scenes, beyond the awareness of their families, friends and societies who still regard it as the preserve of the lunatic fringe.That attitude acts one of it's surest safeguards! This evening will be for those who have heard about Astral Travel, have questions on the subject and want to know how to develop the ability successfully. It's my personal understanding that your presence at this evening will not be an accident, but the result of you having followed an inner prompting from your inner being to take the next step in a journey that will be very meaningful for you. I look forward to seeing you there.